Šis modelis ir Tiešsaistē Atslēdzies
30, Svari, Фиджи, Фиджи
Nosūtīt Dzeramnaudu
Svarīga informācija par -yana-
Seksuālā PriekšrokaHeteroseksuāls
Augums>160cm - 170cm
Svars55 - 63 kg
Etniskā piederībaEiropiešu/Kaukāziešu
ValodasKrievu, Angļu
Kaunuma MatiKopta
Kas mani uzbudina
Generosity of men who knows what he wants!
Par mani
I, in your dreams and fantasies!
Kas mani neuzbudina
greed, rudeness, dullness, sexual perversion with children and animals
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-yana- uzstāšanās laiki
Pirmdiena 09:00 – 15:00
Otrdiena 09:00 – 15:00
Trešdiena 09:00 – 15:00
Ceturtdiena 09:00 – 15:00
Piektdiena 09:00 – 15:00
Sestdiena 00:00 – 00:00
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Важная информация!!!

Я буду в твоей власти...... Я буду в полном твоём подчинение.... Только найди ключик к моему разуму... Make me say enough!

Заставь меня сказать ХВАТИТ. Make me say enough!

Заставь меня сказать ХВАТИТ! Make me say enough!

Мужчина мало говорящий и много делающий, всегда будет в не оспоримом авторитете для женщины. Make me say enough! 

something about me

I decided to write something about myself, because maybe you would like to know more about the man behind the camera. I hope you will be interested ... maybe, who knows, you will not forget me! My name is Yana! I am very pleased that you entered my room! My horoscope sign is Cancer! My birthday 07.07)) I love these numbers! My profession is an accountant and a photographer! I love to photograph people and their emotions! I am a sociable girl! I love to cook and invent new recipes! I like cheese with a glass of good wine! I love the sea food and a piece of excellent meat! Favorite dessert Tiramisu and Shokolod! I like movies about real events, detectives and thrillers! I like to walk, just to walk - the sea, the forest, quiet streets .... It is interesting for me to learn something new! Favorite books on psychology, self-knowledge, the world! Yes, I love sex! I love my orgasms! I love to enjoy the process of love! I want to enjoy freedom, entertainment, travel and beautiful rest. I prefer men strong, able to endure my irrepressible energy and with the understanding of those related to my unpredictable nature. I want a relationship with a not boring, courageous, intricate experimenter who must be confident and independent. I need the same ardent and even obsessed man like me. The one who will never say “no” in response to my intimate requests or desires. A man who can bring me to the peak of pleasure. And he, in turn, will receive such a The more often you spend time with me (in my room in the general chat, and it is better to be alone in complete solitude: only you and me), the more I will open for you as a person and I can surprise you! volcano of passion, which many can only dream of. IN PRIVATE PART AND C2C, I’m READY TO GET THAT TO TRY WITH YOU. The hot volcano of my desire depends on my mood (and real men can create it), your behavior and my sympathy for you. I love to bring myself to orgasm with you, with your passionate vulgar comments, fantasies and desires, I love to make my own unique flavor;) Toys, games with ass, penetration only You and I! I am repelled - greed, rudeness, stupidity, sexual perversions in children and animals. I do not accept insults in my address (for this - a ban), but I appreciate kindness, sincerity and care. Therefore, in order to please me and become my knight, you need to show yourself as a caring and decent friend, able to keep my secrets, have a tactful sense of me and guests of my room, the ability to always support in difficult moments, give me compliments and love. If you are a rude and boor, then do not expect reciprocity from me and better pass right by, or keep yourself in hand and show respect for me and my viewers. I am a bright, multifaceted, most incomprehensible, emotional and very unusual person; I can passionately love or hate me with all my heart. I love it when you write me interesting stories from your life, share your secrets and experiences. I love to joke and laugh heartily. A sense of humor and generosity will attract my attention to you much faster, and the chance to conquer me you will appear much higher :) In my room you can get: - nice talking; - a variety of dances (depending on my mood); - gentle and passionate caressing yourself; - any music (for my / your taste); - joint viewing of films, serials; - analysis and solution of your life spiritual problems on any subject (yes, I can help people and give very practical advice) My dreams: travel, see the world! Take a balloon flight! Immerse yourself in the most beautiful places of this wonderful underwater world! Look at the fields of blooming lavender! And much more, they are simple, but they touch my soul ... You want to know me more, in personal contact I will share with you, if you can show me that I can trust you! I will be honest with you, I came here with a purpose! I'll get to him and leave! I collect money to pay for a good education for my child and repairs in our apartment with our child. Our house is in very poor condition (but I will make it cozy, warm, beautiful and in good condition for us! I do not expect your understanding of why I went this way! Not everyone will understand and support me (But I will be infinitely grateful to everyone from YOU who will help me with my goal!

Мои параметры! My parameters!

Labākie Lietotāji
-yana- Vēlmju Saraksts
Сделать ремонт в квартире! Repair in my apartment
Сделать ремонт в квартире! Repair in my apartment
Я благодарна каждому за вклад в мою мечту-цель! I am grateful to everyone for their contribution to my dream-goal!
Lasīt vairāk
Букет цветов! Bouquet of flowers! 666
Букет цветов! Bouquet of flowers! 666
Bouquet of flowers! 666 Букет цветов!
Lasīt vairāk
Komentāri (15)
so sexy
rad, sto nasol Tebya, milaya..obosayu
Most beautiful woman ever see.
Очень красивая и приятная девушка :)
...................(¯` ✿´¯)
...(¯`v´¯) •./¸✿
.(¯` ✿..¯).✿/¸.•*✿
....✿•*´)//*´¯`*(¯` ✿ .¯)
▒(_/⋏\_)▒░ `•.,.•
С наступающим новым годом!!
просто космос. самая обалденная а главное естесвственная
О, женщина! Ты - небо и земля.
О, женщина! Ты - мама и царица.
Мужчинам лишь дано любить тебя
И красотой твоей всегда дивиться.

Без женщины тускнеет сразу мир.
Без женщины нас не было б на свете.
Когда ты рядом то душевный пир
И счастливы все маленькие дети.

О, женщина! Богиня из Богинь.
Тебя любить, тобою наслаждаться.
О, женщина! Кричу душой - Аминь.
Как хочется тобою восхищаться.
просто супер
Наслаждаемся здесь и сейчас! Make me say enough!

Заставь меня сказать ХВАТИТ! Make me say enough!

Сведи меня с ума.... И будет тебе счастье!  Make me say enough!

5 facts about me! !5 фактов обо мне!

-"I don't know how to ride a bike;

- I am allergic to the sun; (

- I have not seen any series of "Game of Thrones" ;)

- I do not post my life and my photos on social networks, I am not there;)

- “I do not want to get married;) I want to love and be loved!

- Я не умею ездить на велосипеде;)

- у меня аллергия на солнце;(

- Я не видела ни одной серии "Игры престолов" - Я не выкладываю свою жизнь и свои фото в социальных сетях, меня там нет;)

- Я не хочу замуж;) Я хочу любить и быть любимой!